Background, Beliefs, & Platform


Gainesville has been Ed Book’s home for 40 years since 1982 when he moved here to attend UF. His wife of 36 years, Lori, also graduated from UF. She just retired as a first-grade public school teacher after 38 years of teaching.

Ed Book has served in law enforcement (Gainesville Police & Santa Fe College) for over 36 years. He is also an adjunct instructor teaching at Santa Fe College. Though he works full-time in public safety, Ed has workplace support to be available for Gainesville residents.

Ever since attending the University of Florida, Ed Book has been committed to Gainesville and our neighbors. He has participated in and contributed to many local charitable and service efforts including Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the United Way, the City Beautification Board, the Urban Area Bicycle Advisory Board, Keep Alachua County Beautiful, and Rotary Club. Ed currently serves on the Rotary Clubs of Gainesville Foundation Board, an organization which every year – by hosting the large annual Wild Game Feast – provides monies to local charities for significant projects.

As a public safety servant, Ed has been an active member locally of the Black on Black Crime Task Force for over 20 years. Regionally, he is a Florida Police Chiefs Association Director collaborating efforts in 6 North Central Florida counties. He is also involved at all levels in many other crime prevention, community policing, and safety organizations.

Who is Ed Book?

Ed is a practical, common-sense candidate, important for this City non-partisan election.  Known for his ethics and integrity, Ed believes the City Commission should engage – with respect, courtesy, and professionalism – all our neighbors throughout Gainesville. Through “active listening”, he will attempt to find common ground with residents and the City Commission. Rather than pursue his own personal interests, Ed wants to serve as your elected advocate.

Ed Book believes in this platform:

  • Civility – Respect for all.
  • Budget accountability – no increases in fees and no increases in utility transfers.
  • Support services for those in poverty and our vulnerable populations
    • Including solutions for affordable living and housing.
    • Does not support the current City rezoning plan for neighborhoods.
  • Better roads and travel corridors for all forms of transportation.
  • Outstanding parks and recreation space and facilities.
    • Including support for a thriving east Gainesville recreational complex.
  • Support for public safety (fire, emergency medical response, law enforcement).

Recent projects and successes:

+ Safety innovation and creating a “safety culture” with the Building Safety Ambassador program at Santa Fe College. Announced July 2022. Ed is one of three founders of the program.

+ Northside Park redesign with Wild Spaces Public Places and Rotary. In 2015, Ed brought this idea forward before WSPP even existed. Pickleball courts, petanque, two playgrounds, disc golf improvements, and more. It came to fruition in 2020 as part of a $2 million dollar project.

+ Wrote a Rotary grant which was integral in the Santa Fe College free food pantry refurbishing. It has been rebranded as the Saints Food Share and the grant also supported refurbishing of the College low cost but high-quality thrift shop rebranded as Saints Share Wear.

+ Current advisor to the award-winning Santa Fe College Rotaract Club. Young adult service oriented leaders.

+ Led efforts to adopt two roadways for regular clean ups. One by the Santa Fe College Police Department near the NW College campus and one on South Main Street by the Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville.

+ For many more, see his Resume’.



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Please consider supporting, sharing, volunteering, and donating. Thank you for considering me as a candidate worthy of electing.

Ed Book

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